Fans had tons of complaints on DAZN

DAZN, the subscription-based streaming service that is the home of boxer Canelo Álvarez thanks to an 11-fight, $365 million deal they signed last October, didn’t have a good showing in Saturday night’s big fight between Alvarez and Daniel Jacobs.
Fans had a number of complaints throughout the broadcast, ranging from a snafu during Jacobs’ walk out to the ring, to bad streaming quality, to claims of the commentators being to pro Alvarez, who won the fight via unanimous decision, during the fight and more.
It all started before Jacobs even made the walk out to the ring, as many customers had a problem getting the app to work after paying for it.
Seems like this was an issues for a bunch of people:

Looks like @DAZN_USA out here trying to Gank folks on fight night….I just paid foe the app…they’ve taken the loot out of my account….and this is what I’m seeing? Y’all better stop half stepping and get your head in the game….like now! Or else you can gimme my cash back!
— Cole Wright (@ColeWrightNFL) May 5, 2019

Hey DAZN, Need to watch this fight but I can’t access my account. Says Payment Error but my credit card was charged. We used your contact page but time is running short. HELP
— Sleepforever (@dabeskimchi) May 5, 2019

Then when Jacobs walked out to the ring his music cut off for a brief time before starting again, something UFC heavyweight champ Daniel Cormier and others couldn’t believe:

What just happened with Danny Jacobs walkout?
— Daniel Cormier (@dc_mma) May 5, 2019

That would mess with a fighter for sure as he’s walking to the ring. He had to just stop and wait there?
— Daniel Cormier (@dc_mma) May 5, 2019

Then once the fight began there were sound issues:

I hope someone at @DAZN_USA realizes the ring is so poorly mic’d tonight and it’s affecting the entertainment value. Part of combat sports entertainment is the auditory component, one they appear to be intentionally minimizing. A lot is lost.
— Luke Thomas (@lthomasnews) May 5, 2019

Going from UFC to dazn makes me appreciate the production quality of UFC
— Julio A. Gurrola (@juliogurr1) May 5, 2019

Pretty poorly run from Jacobs walkout to this, would expect more from them by now.
— Alexio Voigt’o (@Alex_Voigt1) May 5, 2019

And then there were the claims about the commentators, which Cormier also had concerns about:

Why are they talking as if Danny Jacobs is getting washed out? I believe these are close rounds
— Daniel Cormier (@dc_mma) May 5, 2019

Brian Kenny and Sergio Mora really suck! Canelo won but Danny fought a good fight man wtf they ruined the fight.
— Daniel Cormier (@dc_mma) May 5, 2019

Canelo and his team just made two lucky fans night! These dudes Brian Kenny and Sergio mora are truly fanning out.
— Daniel Cormier (@dc_mma) May 5, 2019

Brian Kenny is just brutally biased towards Canelo tonight. Cringeworthy.
— Spohner (@zaccy_floo) May 5, 2019

These announcers are embarrassing. Most biased commentary. They go silent when Jacobs lands #CaneloJacobs
— BigJoe (@BigJoe____) May 5, 2019

Please @HBOboxing come back!!! I’m watching the Canelo-Jacobs fight on DAZN and it’s terrible! No replays between rounds, terrible camara angles and it keeps blacking out! Also the announcers are in a love fest for Canelo
— Stacey King (@Stacey21King) May 5, 2019

I really don’t understand Brian Kenny here. Jacobs has won the second half of this fight. What fight is he watching?
I’m often critical of boxing announcers, but this is a really bad showing.
— JE Snowden (@JESnowden) May 5, 2019

#CaneloJacobs #boxing I have Jacobs winning this fight on points by a significant margin, but the announcers are not about that life
— John Steven McMillan (@Sup3r_Man88) May 5, 2019

And there were issues with the stream for many customers:

Congrats @DAZN_USA your service sucks!!! Just got to the Canelo prefight and can’t get a stream to save our lives. Paid for your service and it doesn’t work! Give me PPV, yea it might cost more but at least I get to watch the fight!
— Ryan Bailey (@RyanBailey_KGNS) May 5, 2019

I don’t know about this DAZN,💩💩💩…streaming sucks…Dazn needs to get it together…I paid 100 for cloudy 1💩💩💩
— lilmel (@Lilmell72) May 5, 2019

@DAZN_USA how do I cancel my subscription to your shitty service? I want a full refund. Your stream is choppy and it ruined this fight for my family and I. #canelovsjacobs oh and by the way, your production sucks too. They messed up the entrance for Jacobs and camera angles suck.
— EO (@Eder5CARP) May 5, 2019

So, yeah. Not a great night for DAZN.
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