Fans angry that Reggie Miller, Chris Webber calling ECF

Just last week I waxed poetic about how Chris Webber calling games on TNT is the worst thing about the NBA playoffs.
As a player, he was great. As a broadcaster, he is not so great.
Many people were quick to weigh in on that, saying Reggie Miller is just as bad as Webber, if not worse.
I tend to disagree with those people, as I don’t think Miller is that bad at commentating, which isn’t a popular opinion, I know.
But then the Raptors-Bucks Eastern Conference finals kicked off Wednesday night and a lot of fans met their nightmare – Miller and Webber both on the call for the series, with Marv Albert, who has had his struggles lately, on the play-by-play.
And fans weren’t very happy:

Reggie Miller AND Chris Webber? @NBA what did we ever do to you to deserve this?
— Grab a snickers.. (@tjimenez23) May 16, 2019

Having Reggie Miller and Chris Webber both calling the game should be a war crime.
— Forest Litaker (@og_Rodney) May 16, 2019

My god you give me Reggie Miller and Chris Webber. Y’all trying to kill me
— Terrence Reno (@Tdog2296) May 16, 2019

They really gave us Reggie Miller and Chris Webber for the ECF. Do they not want people to watch 🤦🏼‍♂️
— Jake Giantsbane (@_jkon) May 16, 2019

Reggie Miller and Chris webber tonight? Come on TNT. Stop playin.
— Gregory E. Ackles, Jr., M.Ed. (@CoachAckles) May 16, 2019

They got chris webber and reggie miller on commentator…Im done
— Grand Buddha (@Emanjr23) May 16, 2019

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